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In this broadcast, Joseph Z discloses that there’s a major agenda going on to control the masses, which has persisted for the last three years. He shared a clip that reveals the agenda of their intention on how they plan to handle the coming generation in particular, and the world in general. He went on to expose that this plan is in a bid to back everyone into a corner that we wouldn’t know how to get out of. In spite of this, he informs us that the spirit of the Lord has equipped us with more authority than we realized to stand up and oppose all that doesn’t represent God. He reveals further that there’s also a plan to stop autonomy for transportation, and warns that we may begin to see climate lockdowns; including rumours about the outbreak of zombies. 

Moving on, Joseph discloses that there’ll be an overplay of hand for “45”, which will avail him the opportunity to present his case and give full disclosure of what he knows. Again, he discloses that there’s an agenda coming in the year 2029 to 2030 to put people under the siege of a digital cage, which he believes is an antichrist system that wants total control over people. He further cautions that we watch out for an asteroid named Apophis which may come onto the scene in time to come. 

In addition, Joseph assures us that the Lord Jesus always provides an answer to everything, and we must stand in the middle of this present evil age and not be shaken by fear or trepidation. He went on to reference the word of God from the Book of 1 Samual 7:7-10 to reassure us, reminding us that when we call upon the Lord, He would answer and come to our rescue. He then prays for the US, releasing strength and victory over us; declaring that no evil shall befall us and our households for the Lord will continually be our shield if we continue to look up to Him and cast all of our cares on Him. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:55 The Agenda

04:24 A Clip of the Game Plan

09:11 The Line in the Middle East

09:44 15 Minutes Cities

12:49 Zombies: Rumours of Outbreak

19:20 Another Opportunity for “45”

22:28 The Year 2029-2030 Agenda

24:34 Asteroid Apophis

27:36 UFO Narrative: A Deception

31:55 1 Samuel 7-10

35:34 Conclusion