Prophetic Update: Ocean War-play, Augmented Reality, UFO Disclosure!

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In this live stream, Joseph revisited his prophecy of July 14, 2021, where he revealed that there would be events that would break out in the ocean. He insisted on this in his broadcast of October 4, 2021, where he drew our attention to occurrences that will take place in ships in the ocean and submarines. Also, in his live stream of May 30, 2023, he insisted once more on this prophecy regarding ships in the ocean, including subs in the sea, and then prayed for God’s protection over everyone. 

Moving on, Joseph recounted his prophecy of July 13, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be an economic collapse that’ll be caused by the Red Dragon, due to their underwater and underground activities. A clip of CNN news, that was broadcast on the 7th of August showed a confirmation of this prophecy, as the national leaders expressed concern over Russian and Chinese vessels making their way to US soil. Also, in his broadcast of July 5, 2023, he expressed more concern about ships and oceanic activities. He also revealed on this broadcast that AI will be used to fight World War III, insisting that “Singularity” is coming, and it may run out of the hands of humans if nothing is done. 

More interestingly, Joseph showed us a piece of the news broadcast on August 9, 2023, revealing that there are autonomous AI-flown airplanes that have been developed and tested for their ability to fly themselves. Again, his broadcast of September 4, 2020, showed where revealed that AI will be a major player in a digital cold war, and we’ll witness an increase in deep fake scenarios, which will make it difficult to tell what is real and what is not. He then showed us a video clip containing several individuals showing their “real” alongside their “fake” images and it was very difficult to tell them apart. 

Furthermore, Joseph brought us back to his prophecy of August 11, 2020, where he shared the encounter he had about augmented reality, revealing that there’ll be more deep fake scenarios which is a form of augmented reality. In his broadcast of December 8, 2020, he insisted that this augmented reality will be so strong that it’ll be used to project fake events in the sky and the reason for all of these is for a mass deception. Additionally, in his broadcast on May 12 and November 21st, 2022, he revealed that aliens don't exist and that, the alien narrative is a tool of mass deception.

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0:00 Introduction

01:34 Sea & Oceanic Activities

03:32 Chinese Ships Across the Sea

05:33 News Clip Confirming Chinese Sea Activities

09:26 AI to Fight in WWIII?

12:46 News Clip Confirming a Developed AI Airplane

15:43 Digital Cold War: Artificial Intelligence

18:16 Video Clip of Real & Fake People

21:57 Augmented Reality: Deep Fake

27:36 UFO Deception

30:30 Aliens: A Tool for Mass Deception & Control

40:08 Conclusion