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“You may be the only Jesus that someone encounters today”.

In this live stream, Heather Z brings us the good news of breakthroughs, informing us that we have a favor to shine in the darkness. She brings to our knowledge, how to keep our hearts safe from a messed up world, employing the word of the Lord from the Book of Proverbs 4:20-23 to drive her points deeper; establishing also the importance of guiding our hearts. She goes on to enlighten us on the importance of identifying what God has called us to do, exposing that having a mentality of self-righteousness will keep us tied down to a messed-up world. However, realizing that Jesus died for us even when we were still in our sinful state will make us love the Lord more, appreciating His work through obedience to His word.

Moving on, Heather continued by alluding to the parable of the sower to demonstrate our journey as children of God when we receive His word in our hearts. She urges us to identify where the enemy might catch up with us, and get prepared to defeat it with the word of God whenever it rears its head at us. She further instructs that we must battle our way into what we desire with the words of our mouth and in agreement with the word of God. Also, she discloses that we overcome persecution by confessing the word of God over our lives and giving no room to doubt.

More interestingly, Heather informs us that we’re preserved in the Blood of the covenant and when we say “yes” to Jesus, we have the light of God in us; just as there was Light in Goshen even though it was dark in Egypt. She went on to share the experience she had with a Buddhist woman who was cursed from birth because of her wickedness in her previous life, bearing the message of good news to this stranger and touching her with her own personal life experiences; also disclosing the liberating love of Jesus. 

Furthermore, Heather brings to our understanding that when we focus our attention on God, we care less about what’s going on around us. In addition, she insists that when we begin to build ourselves, with the word of God, accepting the help of the holy spirit, we begin to live above our limitations. She charges us to continue sowing the seeds of encouragement in people’s lives, through the word of God, staying encouraged to overcome all our difficulties, and resting, assured that Jesus loves us. She prays that we continually see ourselves as God has called us and not fall for the deceit of the enemy. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:59 What Has God Designed You For?

03:08 Keeping Your Heart Safe From a Messed-Up World

08:50 Liberate Yourself from Self-Righteousness

12:02 Journey of a New Convert: Parable of the Sower

14:37 Time for Self-Evaluation & Overcoming the Enemy

18:59 Light in Goshen: The Covenant of the Blood

21:56 Heather’s Experience with a Buddist

27:13 Fight to Stay in God’s Presence

31:04 Don’t Relent in Sowing Seeds of Encouragement

34:14 Keep Your Heart with All Diligence

35:50 Conclusion