Hawaii Fire (Space Laser)—WARSHIPS on the SEA!!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z brings us prophetic revelations regarding the Hawaii fire and the warships on the sea. He shares a video clip showing the terrible fire that has engulfed the area and caused people to evacuate their homes. Surprisingly, the houses of the few elect happen to be intact, which lends credence to the concerns raised, suggesting that the fire may have been induced by Space laser technology. He reveals his prophetic sense about this, being that this occurrence is a deflection, which is distracting us all from everything going on in the sea at the moment.

Moving on, Joseph raises concern about Taiwan being the battleground of everything going on behind the scenes. He exposes further that the current situation with the Hawaii fire is a tactic, employed to enable the elites to take ground in Hawaii and recover the Island back from the ordinary people. Also, he discloses that we’re in WWIII at the moment, a silent war that is yet to be acknowledged because it profits the people behind it to keep it under wraps. He reveals further that there’ll be a holiday season in the coming months, but in the years to come, we’ll witness the spirit of the Lord coming onto the body of Christ.

Similarly, Joseph informs us that we will also see an unprecedented paid-in-full anointing in the middle of the storm. There’ll also be a monetary change soon which will be celebrated wholeheartedly. Regardless of everything going on, he assures us that the spirit of the Lord will provide for us, and if we’re doing what we’re called to do, we shall enjoy God’s provision in His economy. He encouraged us not to bow our knees to the system because God will make a way where there’s none. After all, it’s the season and time when God has called us to cast our net.

In addition, Joseph reassures us once more that in the middle of everything happening, God is making a great way for us all. He then prays against everything hindering us, releasing healing and strength in our body and mind. He declares that God will open the eyes of our understanding, and the veil will pulled over for the unprecedented favour of God.

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0:00 Introduction

02:01 Hawaii Fire: The Mystery

04:17 Speculation Surrounding the Hawaii Fire

11:24 A Deflection: Lasers Technology

12:58 Alaska: Mysteries Surrounding the Oceanic Activities

13:24 Taiwan: A Battleground?

15:08 The Reason for the Deflection

15:47 The Reason for the Hawaii Fire

18:06 War Games at Sea

23:29 More Revelations for the Year & Years to Come

28:22 Cast Your Net in the Water: Paid in full Anointing

30:35 Conclusion

August 15, 2023