45 Jail?—Red Dragon Financial Collapse! Prophecy LIVE!

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z exposes interesting revelations about “45” and the Red Dragon nation. He discloses that there’s a major financial crisis that the Red Dragon is dealing with at the moment, which has called for emergency measures even though they’re trying so hard to hide their financial situation to remain relevant in the affairs of the world. He went on to inform us of God’s plan to give us strength in the middle of the storms in our lives, coupled with an overwhelming response to darkness; because it's a time of victory for those who trust in God. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that there’ll be an unprecedented victory for “45” even from jail. He exposes a spirit of slumber that’s ravaging people’s lives, preventing them from seeing clear pictures under their noses. Also, he condemns the perversion going on in the culture and how people think it’s normal to allow such evil to exist, even to the point of being compassionate towards such a perverted cause. He raises more alarm over this perverted cause, which he believes is a wicked plan to emasculate the men, rendering them incapable of standing up to defend the culture; thereby falling desperately under the control of the wicked overlords who’re ever glad to control the people with all pleasure. 

Similarly, Joseph discloses that there’ll be a judgment against the perverts and also a revival in their camp; for God is bringing a turn, a clarity that’ll fill up the eyes and minds of fiery powerful believers, to rise against what’s happening and push it back also.  He further insists that there’ll be more events pertaining to submarines, and aircarafts which are designed basically for distraction. Again, he brings to our understanding that everything in the news is designed for distraction, preventing us from paying attention to the real issues going on behind the scenes. Additionally, he insists that the Hawaii fire is induced by laser technology; cautioning that we watch out for more induced earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, hail, and lightning.

More interestingly, Joseph cautions that there’ll be more induced mechanisms of chaos, that’ll appear in the sky and clouds. Also, he discloses that the evil perpetrators behind the scenes only want to create chaos; because they’re hungry for war, and to rule everyone, due to their agenda to get everyone to submit to their system. He charges us to continue speaking the truth as that’s the only weapon to counter this evil culture. He then compels us to remember that Jesus is Lord no matter what’s going on in the world, for although it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen. 


0:00 Introduction

05:00 Financial Catastrophe for the Red Dragon

10:34 Fertile Ground for Central Bank Digital Currency

11:27 The Main Reason for Censorship

13:43 The Desperation of Red Dragon: Reasons

14:31 Ships in the Sea: Concern for Alaska & Taiwan?

17:20 “45”: What to Expect

19:20 Spirit of Slumber on Rampage

22:19 The End Game of Gender Perversion

28:02 More Revelations: Ships & Aircrafts

31:30 The Fires: Induced by Laser Tech?

40:15 Conclusion

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