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This live broadcast provides insights into bigger issues behind current news. Joseph Z brings our attention to the narratives behind the news and alerts us on the necessity to look past what is shown in the news today. He shares with us a video clip of the Maui fire, and how surprisingly the homes of the elites are still standing. He raises concerns about so many questions surrounding this incident; revealing that there’s an agenda to take people’s freedom, and there’s also a tapestry that’s being put in place to get people into a tunnel, compelling them to bow down to the Babylonian system. 

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our attention, hidden plans underway to reintroduce what we experienced in the last three years, as any means will be employed to control the people to enable them to get their way in the forthcoming election season. He goes on to insist that the ultimate agenda is to put people in a cage so as to control everyone using climate crisis and UFO narratives. Again, he insists that there’s no such thing as aliens, but there are fallen angels and technological projections employed for great mass deception. 

Moreso, Joseph discloses that there’ll be emergencies as a result of induced fires, the fallen angels, and climate crisis narratives. Also, all of these which they'll project to the people in order to control everyone will, in the long run, usher in the antichrist. He went on to alert us that the time is drawing close when we will be unable to decipher the real news and the false ones due to the high level of artificial intelligence. Also, he exposes plans to create a new Bible, an AI Commie Bible that’ll be deceptive and promote the evil agenda of the nefarious characters behind the scenes. He charges us to stand and speak against all this evil taking place all over the land.

More importantly, Joseph emphasizes that we must speak the truth no matter how offensive it may be to people, for we must stand up for what’s right and protect our children from the present evil culture. He reveals that the ultimate goal for all this evil taking place all over the land is to make way for the man of sin, who is the antichrist. However, we can hinder all that’s happening from manifesting through our faith and obedience to the word of God. He clarifies this more, with the word of God taken from the Book of 2 Thessalonians 2-3, which encourages us not to be shaken as there are signs that’ll alert us about the coming of the son of perdition. He informs us once more that the antidote for the antichrist is the truth, and as such we must stand to love the truth and speak it against all odds. 


0:00 Introduction

04:00 The Maui Fire: Questionable?

06:35 A Tapestry of Deception & Control

09:24 The Utopian Agenda

13:04 Cage of Control: Climate Crisis & UFO Cycle

17:10 The Emergency is Coming

21:03 The Struggle in Deciphering the Real and False

22:16 Artificial Intelligence Bible

27:34 The Ultimate End: A Way for the Antichrist

31:51 2 Thessalonians 2:2-3

39:15 The Love of the Truth

47:11 Conclusion

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