Heavy News Today! It’s all Changing Now!

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“I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings us interesting news about the happenings around us. He enlightens us about the events going on in our environment that we have no knowledge of, as related to weather and our environment in general. He brings our attention to what the BRICS nation has been up to regarding the world’s economy; revealing that there’s a reason why the US and Great Britain were not invited to be among the BRICS nations, which is not far-fetched from devaluing the dollar, and bringing the US to its knees by coming up with a currency that’ll outsmart the US dollar in the near future. 

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Moving on, Joseph goes on to expose the unholy plans of the US to introduce gay law to African countries and how these nations turned down their proposal of adopting and implementing gay laws, as it’s opposed to their culture and identity as a people. In the middle of everything happening around us, Joseph assures us that great hope is coming, even though we’ll witness many times of darkness. Also, he insists that there’ll be one more round, a pushback response that’ll challenge everything that’s going on all over the nation. 

Similarly, Joseph brings to our attention that there’ll be a change in land and water, including outbreaks, and pollutants that’ll come onto the scene soon. Reassuringly, he discloses that there’ll be a turn of events and a protest against everything wrong with the nation in every area. He also reveals that there’s another dark round coming; as the players behind the scenes will induce another round of lockdown that’ll hinder people from traveling just as was witnessed in the past three years. He went further to prepare us, informing us of another round of difficulty rearing its head soon. This will be geared by the evil perpetrators who would do everything to retain power in order to continue with their nefarious activities. 

Furthermore, Joseph reassures us that regardless of everything happening, there’ll be a great turn of events in favor of our nation and every one of us. He went further to employ the word of God from the Book of Psalm 27 to remind us that the Lord is our light and salvation, therefore we should not be afraid nor shaken no matter what happens in our lives. He reassures us further of Jesus’s love for us all; condemning every lie spoken against us. Again, he declares life, increase, and strength over us all; reassuring us more that no matter how bad it gets, we should remember that we were born for this time. 

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