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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z teaches about rebellion and how to receive our victory in a society that celebrates it. Rebellion, according to him, is an unauthorized use of supernatural or natural power; it’s also a violation of God’s supernatural authority. He goes on to teach that Angels are here to minister to mankind, so when Lucifer saw that God elevated man above him, He became rebellious; and lured Adam into the rebellion by misleading Eve; this later led to dire consequences for man. He goes on to bring our attention to the Book of 1 Samuel 15:22-23 to elaborate on the importance of obedience and how it can save us from pain.

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Moving on, Joseph makes us realize that this scripture also establishes that rebellion is the sin of witchcraft and that stubbornness is like the sin of idolatry. He goes on to clarify that stubbornness that goes against the call of God is like iniquity and idolatry. Again, he explains that iniquity is one area of sin, which if not curbed will overshadow every other area of our lives, running wild with no way of controlling or putting a stop to it. In addition, he establishes that a lot of people need a little bit of rebuke to put them on the right track because stubbornness can only be curbed by confrontation.

Similarly, Joseph brings our attention to the fact that some people are actually born with certain gifts, and when they don’t have the spirit of God in them, they begin to use them for the wrong reasons, thereby becoming vulnerable to strange spirits that begin to take advantage of them and their gifts. He went on to insist that rebellion is equal to the sin of witchcraft and Saul got entangled with this sin by seeking after mediums because the spirit of God had deserted him. He cautions that we desist from this sin, so as not to hinder or become an obstacle to our breakthrough or victory in life.


0:00 Introduction

01:46 Rebellion: Meaning

03:40 Are Humans Above Angels?

07:26 The Dangers of Rebellion

08:28 1 Samuel 15:22-23

10:22 Obedience Can Save You Pain

11:30 Rebellion: The Sin of Witchcraft

12:19 God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Sovereignty

13:55 Stubbornness & Iniquity

19:44 1 Samuel 28:3-7: Necromancy & Mediums

23:30 Experiences are not the Truth

25:44 Conclusion 

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