Prophetic Update: They’re Predicting the Next Big Issue!! This week’s News Prophetic Insight!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z revisited his prophecy of August 24, 2023, where he shared that there’ll be a couple of black swan events that’ll come onto the scene soon. He also shared a video clip of WHO’s medical ambition to remove the basic rights of people, to be able to carry out their hideous agenda on the human population. Also, he revealed that the One Health concept was brought about by an agenda to control everything in the world; having a one-world religion to facilitate absolute control over the affairs of men. He also shared with us the bizarre use of masks that are so realistic that it’s difficult to tell that they’re really masks.

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Moving on, Joseph raised concerns about wildfires all over the place as he shared a bizarre video clip showing wildfires in so many countries within a specific timeframe. He went on to reveal what he saw about a time of darkness, seasonal darkness, and a change that’ll happen in thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold increments. He revealed also, seeing one more round, that’ll herald new norms, new values, a digital landscape, and an ultimate disclosure of UFOs, which he believes to be a symphony of deception.

Similarly, Joseph cautions that we are not deceived by all the nasty alien narratives, as they’re employed for severe mass deception. He went on to reveal that there’ll be a new form of communication and limited transportation, which is geared towards having absolute control over the people. He reassures us to stay woke for it is not the end yet, as the old order will change and the spirit of honesty will come upon the culture. He then prays for protection over Tucker and every good figure in the political arena.

Furthermore, Joseph continued to recount what he saw regarding an anointing for prophetic broadcasting; revealing that conservative media will take over the real media. Regardless of everything that’s happening, he reassures us that there’ll be a great Way-making anointing, for us and our children; for the Lord will keep us safe from all evil.


0:00 Introduction

01:38 Confirmation of a Repeat of the 2020 Event 

04:30 WHO’s Hideous Agenda

07:15 Nature Worship & One World Religion

09:30 Realistic Masks at Large: A Perfect Disguise

11:53 Bizzare Wildfires Across the World

14:45 A Season of Darkness

17:30 A New Different America

17:51 One More Round: New Norms & Values

20:32 New Form of Monetary System

22:20 The Spirit of Daniel & John Shall rise

25:14 Conclusion

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