Red Church - The Rightsizing of the Prophetic!

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“I’ll break you out from among them. Am I not the God that brings manna down from heaven and cares deeply for you”?

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z makes a revelation about the rightsizing in the prophetic, revealing that there’ll be an extraordinary horsepower that’ll come upon the prophetic during this period. He goes on to reveal that a great shaking is coming and we’re stepping into a severe season during this period. Again, he discloses that America has one more round because the young lions are coming, alongside Generation Alpha. Also, he raises concerns about Christian mysticism, reminding us about what the word of God says about many deceivers arising in the last days.

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Moving on, Joseph makes us realize that the rain falls on the just and unjust alike, and the reason why God didn’t intervene the way we expected him to in the last three years when a crisis hit the world was out of his mercy for the world. He makes more revelations about a fourteen-month window that’ll herald a new America, which will be ridden with UFO narratives and a new tech that portends ill for the people and the culture. He goes on to disclose that there isn’t anything like aliens because the alien narrative is a deception hiding the real issue which borders on extracting human DNAs to create little monsters.

It may interest you to know also, just as Joseph made us realize that humans have more authority than demons because we have physical bodies and demons don’t, because demons require a physical body to operate. Interestingly, in this broadcast, he makes us understand that witchcraft is unauthorized access to supernatural powers without the permission of God and that rebellion is also a sin of witchcraft. He then makes more revelations about events to expect in the year 2024 and beyond.

More interestingly, Joseph reassures us that God will bring order to the disorderliness in the prophetic, for the Lord wants us to win more than we are and to break out from everything that’s holding us down. He reassures us that the Lord is causing a great revival, which will offend the institution, but it’ll be a sense of justice. He further reassures us that there’s strength coming upon us all, for our micro wins will accumulate into a roar.


0:00 Introduction

04:22 One More Round for America

05:36 Humility & Christian Mysticism

10:16 Season of Darkness or Night

16:52 Witchcraft & Rebellion

19:51 The Nation may go Down, but not the Church

29:07 God will Bring Order to Disorderliness

33:05 The Difference Between the Old & New Testament

36:11 A Time of Fire & Challenge: More Prophecies

41:23 The Lord Will Cause a Great Revival

45:39 Will God Find Faith in the Earth?

53:30 Conclusion  

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