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In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to the fulfillment of most of the prophecies that God revealed through him. He takes us back to his broadcast of July 1st, 2021, where he made a revelation about a climate change that’ll befall the earth. Also, on June 15, 2023, he made a prophecy about a climate lockdown that’ll impart airlines and limit the movement of people. He goes on to draw our attention to the fifteen-minute cities' agenda, designed to aid total control over people, while the privileged elites would be out there living their best lives.

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Moving on, Joseph takes us back to his prophecy of December 29, 2022, where he made revelations regarding a black rock that God would pierce, and we can see this in the unfortunate heavy rain that took place during a pagan festival held in Black Rock City, a temporary community created in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada. Again, he recalls his prophecy of August 7, 2023, where he made some revelations about zombies coming onto the scene, and we can see this happening across every major city in America with a zombie drug ravaging major cities, and whose effect makes its victims act like zombies.

Interestingly, Joseph went on to share the Mandela effect theory with us; alerting us also, about the occult side of the CERN activities, which he believes grants entrance to other dimensions and admits demonic beings into the natural sphere. Again, he interprets and likens the CERN portal to the bottomless pit predicted in the Bible. Also, he attributes all these happenings to the people being given to a strong delusion because we turned our backs on the Lord and abandoned his will for us for our own desires. He then informs us that the spirit of God is calling us to a high awakening, and in the middle of everything, we will see unprecedented disclosures involving prominent gender reveals.

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that we will begin to see political figures who would claim to not be of this world, but of other planets; who came into the world to help humanity. He then charges us to read the Bible to have adequate knowledge of God, so as not to fall victim to the evil culture. He again insists that things will not get better, but we can get better by the spirit of God in us, thereby overcoming the world as God has ordained it to be.


0:00 Introduction

01:14 Climate Change & Lockdowns

04:49 Fifteen-Minutes Cities

08:26 The Black Rock: The Burning Man Festival

12:17 The Zombies Prophecy & the Zombie Drug

18:33 The Mandela Effect & CERN

22:37 The Dimensions of Our Known Reality

24:45 CERN & the Bottomless Pit

32:35 Daniel 12:1-4: Age of Knowledge

37:12 Unprecedented Disclosures

40:06 Gender Reveal & Transhumanism

43:25 Conclusion

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