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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z revisits his broadcast of September 4, 2023, where he drew our attention to the ugly global game plan which is an ultimate control of the world by all means. He goes on to alert us about the agenda of weather control with the use of modern technology; not to mention the altering of the weather in such a way that it’s possible to bring down rain and lightning. Also, he shared once more, the dangers of the vaccine which was sold to humanity as the remedy for the 2020 health crisis, and how it has proven to be more dangerous than the illness itself.

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Moving on, Joseph recounts his prophecy of September 5, 2023, where he replayed a prophecy he made on July 1st, 2021 regarding a climate change that’ll come to the scene. Again, on June 15, 2023, he insisted that there would be climate lockdowns that would inhibit travel and cause great havoc in the world. He went on to share with us once more the agenda for a fifteen-minute city that’ll aid total control over humans whilst the few privileged elites have their way, living their lives to the fullest. Also, Joseph revisited his broadcast of August 24, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be a great repeat and that a black stone will rise against a red stone.

Interestingly we witnessed in the news, an incident that occurred regarding the unfortunate heavy rain that took place during a pagan festival held in Black Rock City, a temporary community created in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada. He went on to recount his prophecy of August 7, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be an emergence of zombies in our spaces and recently we witnessed a clip about a zombie drug ravaging a number of cities at present. He then recalls his exposure to the Mandela effect, sensitizing us once more about the dimensions of our known reality, and how CERN activities are opening up portals to introduce demonic fallen angel entities into the natural space.

Furthermore, Joseph informs us that all that is happening is a result of mankind having given up to a strong delusion because we abandoned God and started seeking after our own desires. Also, he recounted his broadcast of September 6, 2023, where he alerted us about the agenda to weaken mankind, especially the male gender, which gives credence to the emasculated males we have in society today. He also revisited his broadcast of September 7 where he alerted us about bizarre masks that are used for disguise to the point that it’s difficult to tell they’re fake. Reassuringly, he encourages us that regardless of all that’s happening, God will never forsake us.


0:00 Introduction

01:30 The Ultimate Game Plan

05:56 Weather Control With Special Tech

09:23 Issues Surrounding the Vaccine(Covid 19)

13:34 Video Clip of the Vaccine Victim

16:12 Climate Lockdowns

24:10 The Black Rock & the Burning Man

29:15 Emergence of Zombies

35:42 Issues Surrounding CERN & Dimensions

46:15 Man in Black

53:29 Conclusion 

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