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“America must repent to repair”

 In this broadcast, Joseph brings some enlightenment to the recent happenings across the world today. He reveals that there’ll be a move toward Taiwan and that the nefarious activity that’s against Israel at the moment is a plan from the pit of hell designed to lure the world into WWIII. He calls our attention to the fact that anyone who messes with God’s land, messes with the people of God and God’s covenant promises; therefore should be ready for the retribution that follows. He went further to expose that there’s a veil that will be pulled back to reveal those behind this evil agenda because God’s hand will be made manifest in the middle of all that’s going on.

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Also, Joseph exposes that there’s more to what’s going on in Israel than a mere geopolitical issue; disclosing that the ultimate goal is to mess with God’s covenant, but the Lord will respond in a variety of ways. He goes further to enlighten us that a lot of evil is being covered with what’s going on at the moment, and it benefits all those who are behind it. He further insists that Taiwan and the Red Dragon will be eager to get involved, and urges us to pray to avert what’s coming.

Again, he recounts his broadcast of September 16 where God revealed things about Israel that have now begun to manifest. Also, he shares with us a vision he has been getting for three years now, regarding the presence of foreign adversaries and boots on US soil. He expresses concern that there may be a compulsion to create a black swan event by the nefarious characters behind the scenes.

In addition, he prays for the peace of Jerusalem, assuring us that we will feel an empowering and boldness upon us to drive through these times; for we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. He then charges us not to fear or shrink back, but to pray fervently with Psalm 122 for ourselves and for Israel.

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