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“There’s no perfect man, there’s just an obedient, and available man”. “Nothing strips religion or demons of its power than the revelation of how much God loves you”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z brings to our understanding the differences between the spiritual and the natural. He informs us that the natural does not control the spiritual and also that when we’re saved, we’re delivered from this present evil age. He goes on to inform us that, it is the will of God to deliver us from this present evil world, and when we submit to God, we resist the devil. Also, he outlines the gifts of salvation, informing us that God needs our cooperation in the spirit to provide what we need in the natural. He went further to explain that when we get born again, we’re supernaturally protected, provided for, healthy, and made whole by God.

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Moving on, Joseph makes us understand the difference between healing and wholeness, explaining that healing is progressive, while wholeness is restoring someone, better than how they were before they became ill. He goes further to explain that the spirit is the realm of perfection, the soul is the realm of process, and the body is built for submission. This means that whatever we believe in our mind and soul, is what will manifest in our body; in simpler words, what we believe is what we receive. If we believe that God wants us poor, we would be, and if we believe otherwise, that would also be our faith; for whatever we process in our soul, is what we will manifest in the natural.

Also, Joseph continues to enlighten us further, exposing that we fall into sin because we’ve first thought about it because our mind is a weapon. He brings to our understanding that as many as received Christ, to them He gives, the power to become sons and daughters of God. Again, he opens our eyes of understanding to realize that whatever our children are struggling with, is in part, because of the things we have allowed in our homes, and we owe it to Jesus to come out of whatever addiction we have or they’ll be manifested in our lineage. More interestingly, he enlightens us on why John lived longer than the other disciples of Jesus, which he reveals to be because of John’s confidence in the love of Christ for him.

Additionally, he urges us to have the secret that John had, to continually meditate on the love of God for us every second of our lives. He further makes us understand that the gospel we preach is correct but not complete until it starts working through us. He then reassures us, informing us that whatever we did yesterday doesn’t matter, rather it’s what we do today and where we’re going that matters. Again, he urges us not to waste good faith on bad experiences in the past, for nothing strips religion or demons of its power than the revelation of how much God loves us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:42 The Will of God for Your Life

08:12 Joseph’s Diner Testimony

16:11 The Rewards of Christ's Death

17:37 Healing & Wholeness: The Difference

20:47 Understanding the Spirit, Soul & Body

 28:36 Every Answer We Need is in the Spirit Realm

40:07 James & John: Secret of John’s Longevity

50:52 John’s Revelation

53:36 Yesterday Doesn’t Matter

1:05:50 Conclusion 

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