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“Your faith is the power that brings this world to its knees”. “When you spend time in prayer, fear flees and faith becomes your experience”.

In today's Red Church Broadcast, Joseph Z leads us into the discovery of our powerful faith in difficult times. He makes us understand that God seeks to align us with people or tribes we belong in because He wants us to know where we belong, and who we’re supposed to be with. He goes on to inform us that, spending time with God is vital; utilizing the word of God from the Book of Psalm 36:9 to enlighten us that in God’s light, we see light. Also, he makes us realize that when we spend time with God, we begin to get His thoughts on a matter and build a faith in Him, that overcomes the world. When we don’t compromise the light of God, we can rise up and see a miracle happen, continuing life in a way that brings victory.

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Also, Joseph continues to enlighten us about faith and praying in the spirit. He analyses the spirit realm and the natural realm; explaining that the natural comes first before the spirit, because it’s the natural we wake up to every day. Faith, on the other hand, is when we do things naturally but get a supernatural reaction in return, that will, in turn, manifest naturally. He further explains that the way we activate our spirit is by speaking of other tongues, for when we pray in tongues, something begins to be released in us that will build our faith. Also, when we pray in tongues we build a faith that goes into our future that begins to break into the power of darkness.

Additionally, Joseph enlightens us further, revealing that the way we rise up against difficult times is by embracing Jesus, spending time in prayer, and reading the word of God. He reassures us, asserting that we’re not at any disadvantage because we have the “Greater One” living in us. He prays for us, declaring faith that moves mountains upon us and our various families, and also urging us not to fear because God chose us to be alive at this time. He informs us also, that our faith is the power that brings this world to its knees; for when we know who we are, darkness doesn’t stand a chance. He then releases God’s favor over us, praying against any darkness in our lives and our various families. 


0:00 Introduction

01:23 Galatians 1:3: Grace & Peace

06:12 God’s Will for Your Life

06:58 What Happens When You’re Born Again?

10:49 1 Chronicles 12:32: Understanding of the Times

13:17 How Do You Walk in Faith?

19:36 God Wants You in Your Tribe

20:22 Psalm 36:9: The Fountain of Life

27:55 The Natural & the Spirit

31:39 How to Activate Your Faith

35:20 What Happens When You Spend Time with God?

35:48 Conclusion