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On the live broadcast today, Joseph Z alerts us about a killer artificial intelligence demon in a machine and how the bottomless pit has become closer to us than it should, due to the activities of CERN. Interestingly, he shares a clip, narrating the account of an incident that took place two years ago, where a robot reportedly injured an engineer in a Tesla factory, which was attributed to a malfunction, while some believed it was out of spite. We would come to learn that the owner of this company when asked what he thinks about those tinkering with AI, responded, saying,  “They’re summoning the demon”. Although many found this laughable, it shouldn’t be; given all the warnings Joseph had given regarding AI. Again, we see another scenario of the true identity of AI machines, with the interesting interaction between a child and CHAT GPT, which confirms without a doubt, that AI is demonized. 

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Moving forward, Joseph jogs our memory back to his discourse on CERN, informing us of the CERN’s director’s quote, saying, “The large hadron collider opens a doorway to another dimension, and out of this door might come something, or we can send something through it”. He leads us to the Book of Revelation 13:15-17, to clarify what he believes is happening right now with artificial intelligence. Again, he employs the Word of God from the Book of Revelation 9:1-12 to explain what CERN represents.  He further reiterates that CERN is opening up portals to other dimensions, and as such, the beings from other dimensions gain access to our physical world to perpetrate all manner of paranormal activities. 

Nonetheless, Joseph reassures us, reminding us that all who believe in Jesus Christ, are safe in His Blood. He makes us understand that the Lord has given us the strength to stop and overcome all these because Christ has promised us that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church. Additionally, he urges us to get into the word of God and fortify ourselves with it, so that we may be fearless, and rather push back against this evil. He then concludes with a prayer, speaking peace into our bodies, and our families, while also declaring healing and wholeness upon us. 


0:00 Introduction

05:35 Elon Musk’s Opinion about AI

09:44 Interaction Between a Child & ChatGPT

12:34 AI & Nephilim

18:45 CERN: What You Need to Know

20:27 CERN’s Director’s Opinion of CERN

21:34 Revelation 13:15-17

23:50 Revelation 9:1-12: The Bottomless Pit

27:35 The Ten Known Dimensions

31:26 Understanding CERN’s Activities

34:04 What You Must Do to Be Safe

36:14 Conclusion