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The Lord says to you, “I am not done with you, my love has not finished with you, and I have not overlooked you”. “Greater is the blood of Jesus, and in the Blood of Jesus, there’s no limit”.

On our No Limit Q & A live episode today, we’ve special guests in the studio with Joseph Z. We have the pleasure of learning from Gabe, Ally, Pastor Mark Cowart, and Mary. Pastor Cowart begins by responding to the question about Jesus’ death on the cross and what took place within the three days before his resurrection. He reveals that Jesus paid the penalty for our transgressions, and bore our sickness, diseases, and sorrows. He elaborates that Jesus didn't only take a physical beating, there was a spiritual aspect to it; because he knew no sin, but became sin so that we would become the righteousness of God. He brings to our knowledge that holiness is our behavior but righteousness is our legal standing with God that was made possible by Jesus. Joseph employed the word of God from the Books of Ephesians 4:8-9, and Colossians 2:15 to explain the gravity of Christ’s sacrifice for our sake. 

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Moving forward, Mary asks another question, received from a partner who wants to know how she can sow radically when her husband doesn't walk with the Lord and is not in support of the biblical truth of sowing, Pastor Mark responds, teaching that it’s an opportunity for her to entrust her partner to the Lord, and see what God will do, to change the situation. Also, Gabe shares his traumatic experience, revealing how he had a skating accident that affected his brain, but God intervened and healed him miraculously. He shares how Doctors were implementing Biblical principles of watching over thoughts and speaking words of life, without realizing they’re practicing Biblical precepts. He then seeks clarity on how to manage marriages where the woman takes on the role of the man and vice versa, Pastor Mark responds by urging us to understand that there are no two individuals who are alike and that we need the help of the holy spirit to deal with such situations. He further explains that trauma can make people behave in a certain way without realizing they’re the way they are because of the traumatic experiences they’ve had. He clarifies that to overcome this situation, these traumatic experiences need to be healed through therapy before one can be free from it and the behavior it instills. 

On the other hand, Ally shares that reading the word of God helped her overcome the traumatic experience she had, growing up. Gabe lends his voice, admitting that if we don't deal with the traumatic experiences in our lives, it will surely deal with us. He further discloses tricks on how to conquer addictions, which he believes is through embracing our identity in Christ. He clarifies that getting addicted to confessing our identity in Christ breaks us off from every other addiction. More interestingly, Mary shares her healing testimony and reveals how Heather’s teaching about “first responses” to situations changed her entire outlook on life and how it has tremendously changed her life and aided in her healing. Heather also reveals another secret to dealing with unpleasant situations, teaching that we should always confess that everything going on in our lives, whether good or bad will surely work out for our good because God has assured us that His plans for our lives are that of good and not evil.  Further, into the broadcast, another question arises which seeks an answer to whether angels can procreate with humans now, Joseph responds by saying that they are capable but would not dare to because they’ve witnessed the punishment meted out to the angels who went against God by erring in that manner. 

In addition, Mary asks if we can sell our souls to the devil when we have God’s DNA in us, Pastor Mark responds by saying we can open doors to the devil through disobedience, stubbornness, and rebellion, to the point that behaviorally, we will look like a lost person even though we’ve accepted Christ; but if a person repents of these sins, the Blood of Jesus will cleanse and make them whole again. Furthermore, Mary reassures us, teaching that Jesus died for us on our worst days, and He wants to meet us where we are, in our mess. Josh lends his voice, reinforcing this, and clarifying that God wants to turn around what the enemy has meant for destruction to the greater glory of His holy name. Whatever we’re going through, it’s because God wants to use the lessons to teach others. 


0:00 Introduction

03:11 Three Days Before Christ’s Resurrection

16:16 Dealing with an Unbeliever Partner

29:00 Trauma: Overcoming Traumatic Experiences

42:33 Overcoming Addictions

45:11 Miraculous Testimony

47:00 Healing: How to Receive Your Healing

55:47 First Response: First Step to Healing

58:43 Can Fallen Angels Procreate with Humans Now?

1:17:36 Can a Christian Sell His Soul to the Devil

1:28:47 Heather & Gabe’s Experience of Heaven

1:35:08 Encouraging Words & Conclusion