NO Limits Q&A!! APRIL ECLIPSE, Wormwood, Asteroid & Earth, SOLAR FLARES, Canada, New Earth.

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In this episode of No Limits Q&A session, you’ll gain insights into the April Eclipse, wormwood prophecy, solar flares, and a Christian perspective on the Seven Mountains mandate. Mary begins by sharing testimonies of our congregants whose lives have been touched by God through our ministry. They also reminisce about the healing miracles they’ve experienced individually within the ministry and how God continues to outdo himself in performing these generous acts of healing. Going forward, Mary asks if people who are in heaven now will be included in the judgment during the judgment day, and Joseph responds, disclosing that there are two different judgments. The Bema judgment is for believers who have no part of the white throne judgment, who believed in Jesus and as such merited heaven after their death. Then there is the white throne judgment, which is where those who are not believers are held to account for everything they did and driven to hell to serve their eternal punishment. 

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In the bargain, Joseph informs us that the only sin that sends people to hell is the sin of rejecting Jesus, going on our way in rejection of the salvation that Christ offers us. Also, he analyzes the theory of the new heaven and the new earth. In response to Jason’s question on whether the new earth will be a restart of what God intended with the Garden of Eden, Joseph confirms that the new earth will be a restart of what God started in the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam. Also, he talks about the Wormwood prophecy which has been suspected to be the asteroid Apophis, believed to fly past Earth soon and is feared to cause significant damage to Earth. On the question of whether there will be three days of darkness like some prophets have prophesied about, he reveals that this may be an induced blackout that will be blamed on solar flares. 

In addition, Joseph shares prophetic insights about Canada, revealing that the Church will not be extinguished there but will continue to rise. Also, he discloses there’ll be another confrontation and a turn in their political arena. Again, he comments on the eclipse expected to happen in April of this year, revealing that it will be a change of an era and a shift towards the end times. He further discloses his stand on the Seven Mountains mandate, revealing that believers are called to influence in whatever area they find themselves, and although he believes in this mandate, it doesn’t override the words of the Lord in the Bible. Reassuringly, Joseph delves into individual prophetic ministration, bringing us hope in our endeavors. 


0:00 Introduction

06:21 Healing Testimonies & Financial Breakthroughs

16:55 Understanding Judgment for Believers & Non-Believers

22:05 Understanding the New Heaven & the New Earth

27:14 Apophis & Wormwood: What You Need to Know

32:02 The Three Days of Darkness: Joseph’s Opinion

35:46 Prophetic Insight on Canada

37:50 April Eclipse: What You Need to Know

41:08 The US Political Future & Main Characters

53:27 Faith is the Currency of the Kingdom

1:04:43 The Seven Mountains Mandate

1:11:39 Conclusion