The Truth Behind Disease X! - Full Disclosure

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In today’s episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph brings clarity to the WHO agenda and exposes the truth behind the disease X, which is believed to be twenty times worse than Covid 19. He begins by sharing a clip detailing plans to make WHO sovereign over the US government in the area of health. This sovereignty will allow them to impose sanctions on any US state or nations that fail to adhere to their stipulated rules and laws. Joseph raises a very important question about how someone who was earlier known to own a software company is suddenly a health expert.

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Also, we see Trump’s comment on the WEF agenda, urging us to reject these perennial prophets of doom at Davos, who are desperately seeking bad things to happen to us, but we must allow them to have their way. Again, Trump further warns against the central bank’s digital currency, which he reveals will grant the federal government absolute control over our finances and our lives in general. Reassuringly, we see more people like Kevin Robert rise to stand up to the WEF, whose agendas he reveals have done no good, but have succeeded in creating more harm to the US specifically and the world in general 

Furthermore, Robert Kevin as we see, asserts that the best thing anyone in his right senses should do is to reject all the agenda ever proposed by the WEF. In addition, Joseph also comments on the need to fight against these evil people and show up en mass to vote for someone who means well for our nation and its people. He also urges us to rise in faith as Christians, raise our voices to God, and intercede for the nation.