Red Church - Walking in Your IMPOSSIBLE ASSIGNMENT!

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In this Red Church broadcast, you’ll learn to walk through your impossible assignment. Heather begins by sharing her healing journey, making us realize that death is not as fearful as the devil has made us see it, and if we can break the spirit of fear off our lives, we will do away with the major obstacles in our lives. She prays and declares the name of Jesus over our lives while binding every evil work that has assaulted us in any way. On the other hand, Allison urges us to know Jesus for ourselves, and not depend on what we hear about Him from others. 

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Also, Joseph shares the Miracle that God gave him and Heather during their pregnancy journey with their daughter Allison, who was medically reported dead, but lived after God requested him to declare life over Heather, which he did and now they've their miracle in their daughter. Further, Joseph informs us that this is not the end, even though America will go down to a time of darkness. 

Again, he shares his vision where he found himself in the middle of a tornado with a shelter in the midst of it, and the Lord commanded him to run towards the tornado where the shelter lies, for there is safety for everyone who runs to it. He further reveals that reformers will come out of the difficult times ahead, leading to the birth of a new America. In the bargain, he informs us that God wants us to believe Him for the impossible, urging us to provoke God’s miracles using His words. 

Joseph further makes us realize that when we believe in God, God outdoes Himself, for even God considered Abraham righteous because of his strong belief in Him. He then reveals that justice is coming, and it will be like the rain because the rain falls upon the just and unjust alike. In addition, he assures us that we will outrun our enemies in the rain, and the Lord is trying to resensitize us with His spirit. 


0:00 Introduction

01:41 Fear of Death: The Devil’s Greatest Weapon

05:00 Prayer Against Fear

07:35 Discover God for Yourself

14:37 This is not the End

16:17 A Time of Darkness

17:59 The Tornado & the Shelter

21:00 Reformation & Reformers

23:27 God Resists the Proud 

25:17 Believe God for the Impossible

36:35 Justice is Coming

40:29 Conclusion