Your Prophetic Destiny Part 3!

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On the live broadcast today, gain answers to who you are, where you’re going, the meaning of life, and what happens after our days here on earth. Joseph Z informs us that we all have a prophetic destiny and the Bible contains the answers to all our secret questions regarding our future and destiny. He also informs us that God wants us to accomplish our destiny much more than we desire it, and the first step to reaching our destiny is being productive. He brings to our understanding that activity is quite different from productivity, and we must learn that what we do now, accounts for what happens in the life after. 

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Moving forward, Joseph instructs that faithfulness is not in temporary acts of loyalty, but in a proven track record of someone who shows up despite all odds and such persons are the only ones who attract God’s promotion. He points out that true change comes from the inside, then from the heart, and when we can have enthusiasm in what we do even if we don't like it, we’re sowing into our future. Also, he makes us realize that doing the right things for all the wrong reasons is not pleasing to God. On the heels of this, he explains what it means to have an excellent spirit, sighting the story of Daniel and the Hebrew boys whose excellent spirits set them apart from the rest. 

Similarly, Joseph leads us to the eschatology narrative, pointing out the times and seasons of life and when to expect the great tribulation, rapture, and the coming of the son of man. Interestingly, he reveals that the only reason why the devil has power is because people give him their lives, and without humanity, the devil has no power in this world. Also, he reveals that there will be no believer in the great white throne judgment because we’ve already been judged at the Bema seed of Jesus. He further makes us understand that whatever we do within the space of 100 years stipulated time on earth amounts to what our eternity will look like. Again, he reveals that our purpose in life is to glorify God all of our lives, and the way we do this is by being productive in what God has called us to do. 

Furthermore, Joseph clarifies that to achieve our vision, we must seek first the kingdom of God by reading God’s word, praying, and having the right relationships in our lives, because whoever we are around all the time, details what our future will look like. He further explains that the way we know we are with the right people is when we realize we can't say the wrong things to them, and a person living for the status quo loses out on the realization of their vision in life. In addition, he reveals that the number one thing to get through to our prophetic destiny is through spiritual fathers, as outlined in 1 Corinthians 4:15-17. In a nutshell, fulfilling our prophetic destiny means that we pray, and seek the Lord with all our heart and we will find Him.


0:00 Introduction

02:32 How to Accomplish Your Purpose

04:52 How to Sow into Your Future

11:20 Having an Excellent Spirit

12:30 Understanding the Eschatological Timeline

18:51 Humanity Gives the Devil Power

19:44 The Millenium Reign

21:41 The Great White Throne Judgment

24:32 Understanding Your Vision & Purpose

34:23 How to Reach Your Prophetic Destiny

38:43 Discovering Your Prophetic Destiny

40:09 Conclusion