Special Broadcast with Heather Z and Denise Renner!

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“Every drop of Jesus’ blood, had your name on it”.

It’s a special broadcast today, as Heather Z and Denise Renner bring us a message of hope and encouragement from Denise’s recent book, “Jesus the Healer”. Denise begins by informing us about the healing power of Jesus’s stripes, which he endured for our sake, revealing that every scourge at the pillar that Christ endured can heal any of our diseases. She goes on to share the challenge she had with her skin while growing up, which she suffered for thirteen years but was made whole after she heard God’s word, “By His stripes, you’re healed”. She meditated on these words for a while and received her healing completely. 

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Heather makes us understand that hope is what makes us hold in, the word of God in our hearts until it becomes a revelation to us, and then we move from hope to faith and belief which leads to the full manifestation of whatever we need from God. Also, Denise brings to our understanding that Christ’s blood isn't just for our salvation, but also for our healing. Regardless, we must understand that faith is the key to opening doors of healing and gaining answers to our prayers. Again, she informs us that Jesus doesn't show us mercy because of our goodness, or our righteousness, but out of his love and compassion for us. 

Heather further explains that the power of Christ’s sacrifice saved us, meaning that we’re protected, preserved, healed, and made whole. She makes us understand that wholeness is being restored to our original state, which means that all that we are contending with is no more, as though it never existed. Once more, she reveals that the way to activate our faith and healing is to read the word of God, meditate on it, pray in the Holy Spirit, and believe that God’s word is working over our situation and our unwavering belief in this, will make us whole. They conclude with a prayer, thanking God for the privilege of the Holy Spirit while praying that God’s spirit leads us to the truth and the realization that Christ Jesus is our healer. 


0:00 Introduction

01:33 The Blood of Jesus is Enough

07:18 Denise’s Healing Testimony

09:52 Jesus is Your Healer

10:16 Understanding Hope, Faith & Belief

13:38 The Power of Christ’s Sacrifice

15:44 The Power of Our Faith

21:00 The Love  & Compassion of Jesus

26:45 Christ’s Blood Saves & Heals

29:44 How to Stay in Faith & Receive Healing

36:54 Conclusion