FULL DISCLOSURE with Pastor Mark Cowart and Kamal Saleem!

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“And they overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony”. 

On today’s Full Disclosure, Joseph Z is in the studio with special guests, Pastor Mark Cowart, and Brother Kamal Saleem. Kamal begins by making us realize that we’re in the season where God is changing everything. He narrates the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Haggai; revealing how Ishmael and Isaac came to be and the events that led to the exile of Haggai and her son Ishmael. He goes on to disclose that Ishameal’s hand was against all his brothers because he felt deserted and abandoned, but God, seeing his despair, heard his cry for help. In like manner, he reveals that the Muslims are crying all over the world, and God has created a portal in eternity over Ishmaelites because God is fulfilling his promise by creating one new humanity to remove the hostility between the two sons of Abraham, who are now known as Jews and Gentiles. 

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Recall that Joseph had earlier revealed a vision he saw regarding three angels named red, white, and blue standing over the United States, which Kamal confesses to having the privilege of witnessing in his dreams. This vision led Joseph to believe that the faith of Israel is tied to the US and this lays credence to all that Kamal has explained about the sons of Abraham who have been at loggerheads for thousands of years now. Kamal proceeds further, revealing that what will complete the bride of Christ is when the sons of Abraham come together, which will be the sign of the end of time, while also alerting us that the fullness of time is upon us. Interestingly, Kamal shares his story as a jihadist, narrating how he was indoctrinated from childhood about who he is supposed to be and what his actions should be towards the non-believers of his faith. 

More interestingly, Kamal discloses that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most radical Muslim organization on earth and that 99% of terrorist organizations spring from the Muslim Brotherhood. He also reveals that women and children are commodities in Islam, because of this, a lot of children were used as instruments to perpetrate terrorist acts against Israel because the sect is aware that Israel does not kill children but protects them. Surprisingly, we will come to learn from Kamal, that if a husband does not make it to heaven in Islam, the blame is put on the woman. Again, Kamal shares how he was in the middle of the battle and almost died except a man dressed in white with holes in his feet and hands rescued him, and shielded him from death. He further clarifies that we do not worship the same God as Islam because there’s a glaring difference between God and the god of Islam. 

Additionally, Kamal shares a testimony about how twenty-four Muslims came to Christ in one day. He also makes us realize that so many times we do not understand who our God is until we go to battle, and on the battlefield, we will find him there. He reveals how the US is the target for terrorism because according to jihadists, Israel can not be destroyed unless the US is destroyed. More importantly, he makes us realize that not all Muslims are bad because many of them are lost and seeking the one true God who would rescue them and give them new hope. Kamal then prays that the glory of God will be upon us, that we will be the prophets, the teachers, and evangelists of this age, that God will give us boldness, and that wherever we go, the glory of God will be upon us to expose the darkness.