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In today’s Red Church, Joseph Z shares on air what he sees coming for the present year, revealing that he sees the roar, the war, and more. He reveals that he sees a door of mercy for the year 2024 which will later be closed at the end of the year because we've come to the valley of decision, which will present us with Nineveh or Fire. This means that either America repents now or it will repent through fire in the year 2025. Heather then shares what she sees for the season, disclosing that we must truly show up for God, surround ourselves with those who are close to God, and have the spirit of God direct our every move. She further shares her story about her darkest time which was when she had a health challenge that seemed irredeemable until God stepped in, having seen her faith and trust in Him.

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Also, Joseph urges us not to be afraid because God will not leave nor forsake us because He will bring unification to stand against the onslaught of Goliath. He goes on to reveal that the US will go through a time of darkness, which will herald a new season that will bring with it a new America. Further, he reveals what he sees for the coming quarters of the year 2024, which he believes will be held together by the extension of the Lord’s mercy. He then discloses what to expect for October, revealing that if we pray, the Lord will grant us victory and we will be able to cross over to the other side only if we repent of our ways. Just like in Psalm 126, we will sing songs of victory if we stand on the side of the Lord; for those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy. 

Additionally, Joseph informs us that this is not the end, because we’ve got some hope that the Lord has extended to us, to step into.  He insists that this is the season of diamond seeds for those who passed the test, and for those who failed the test, it’s a brand new day to repent and turn back to the mercy that God now extends. Again, he reveals that we will see justice in this year 2024, and in this time of justice, we will outrun our enemies in the rain. He then discloses further that this year will be a year of diamond seeds, for there have been people who have wrestled through the storm, stayed faithful, and sowed in tears, and these people will reap diamond seeds because the Lord has seen their struggles. 


0:00 Introduction

03:02 The Roar, the War and More

07:50 What to Expect in the Coming Season Globally

13:00 Heather’s Healing Testimony

16:12 Don’t Be Afraid: You’re Born for This Time

18:45 Season of Difficulty

23:58 Psalm 126: Song of Victory

28:10 Your Greatest Days Are Before You

29:10 Year 2024: What You Need to Know

31:21 Diamond Seeds: Interpretation

38:26 The Rise of Maccabees & Young Lions

48:19 The Mandate for the Church: Conclusion