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“You’ve been called to faithfully do the right thing whether it works in your favor or not”.

On today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z holds a conversation with special guest Timothy Barton, and they talk about where the US is, at the moment and where we’re headed. Timothy informs us that historically, there was a practice known as the Second Great Awakening, which was a time when truth and morality were debated in the culture. It was also a clarifying time and made it easy to understand on which side an individual stands. On the heels of this, he believes we’re in a clarifying time when God is on the move, as a result, we will see more religious liberties like never seen before. 

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Also, he shares his thoughts about churches getting involved in politics, revealing that a pastor's voice is regarded as the most influential voice in a Christian’s life, this is because their calling is likened to that of a shepherd who fights tooth and neck to defend his sheep from wolves and wild devourers. He observes that the wolves are coming after the sheep right now in the culture and the church is expected to rise to the defense of all those whom God has put in their hands. 

He further asserts that the devil often overplays his hands and, therefore believes there’s hope for political candidates who are being persecuted for the sake of their good intentions for the nation. He brings to our understanding that, we've been called to faithfully do the right thing whether it works in our favor or not. 


0:00 Introduction

01:37 The Second Great Awakening

03:25 We’re in a Clarifying Time

04:30 Historical Religious Facts 

05:13 The Church & Politics

08:32 Make Disciples of All Nations

09:22 Christian Perspective of the US Future

13:19 A Call to Faithfulness

13:47 Conclusion