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“God is not glorified by your loss”.

Joseph brings us the good news of victory in this live broadcast. He informs us that the Psalm 46 river is growing in the body of Christ, and with it, is strength to continue to bring us out of the Babylonian captivity. He also informs us that there’s light shining in Goshen and we’re called for this time. 

Although darkness is rising, light is rising to meet it, and the spirit of the lord will take us through these dark days. He reiterates that this is a do-over year, and although there were losses the last time, this year brings victory with it because the battle is not over until we win. 

He further reassures us that God has anointed us for victory and not for loss; for He has come that we may have life more abundantly. He then insists that there’s hope and a future no matter what comes next, and the spirit of the Lord is with us in all our endeavors.