Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Joni Lamb!

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On today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with special guest, Joni Lamb. Joni begins by sharing her experience with Daystar over the years while making us realize that storms build character, especially on how to have faith and trust God in all things. She urges us not to give up, but to hold on and trust God, because He is ever faithful through it all. 

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Also, Joni informs us that we’re going to be the light in the darkness, and we have an assignment to reach the lost more than we’ve ever done before. She brings to our understanding that whatever storm we find ourselves in, will eventually pass She urges us not to be afraid of the detours but to keep pushing strongly against the waves until we come out on the other side. 

She further informs us that God has so much grace for those who stumble and pick themselves back up and that when we humble ourselves before God, he protects us from the shame that comes with our mistakes. On the other hand, Joseph informs us that it’s not too late to retrace our steps because Jesus loves us and when we get honest with Him, He will heal us in all the places that we’re ailing. 

In addition, Joni reveals that the prodigals are coming back, urging us to be ready to welcome back all those who have gone the wrong path but have now repented of their wrongdoings. Joseph reveals that Israel will come out of the situation they’re currently in, but the Lord is looking forward to the Church’s reaction towards this situation. They pray for everyone going through the storm, asking for God’s supernatural strength to stand up again. 


0:00 Introduction

03:00 Through the Storm

09:29 Trust in the Lord

12:06 A Call to Reach the Lost

14:36 Daystar’s Achievement & Plan for the Future

18:47 God is Faithful Through it All

20:21 What Happens in Vegas Will Not Stay in Vegas

23:32 It is not Too Late to Repent

25:16 Return of the Prodigals

26:31 The Lion, the Bear & Goliath

31:09 Conclusion