Conversation with Troy Brewer!

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On today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z holds a conversation with Troy Brewer, and they discuss the current goings-on in the culture. Troy informs us that the lid is coming off of certain things that have been hidden, and there’s a transition from things that have once been hidden coming to light. He reveals what God showed him for this year, revealing that there’s a grace to excel amid unforeseen circumstances.

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Also, Troy informs us that the April eclipse is part of the end-time revelation that has been sealed up for two thousand years, and God has begun to speak from the heavens through solar and lunar eclipses.  He makes us understand that the US is one nation under God, and it will surely be torn apart if we do not repent; disclosing that the church can survive without the US, but the US will not survive without the Church. Again, he brings to our knowledge that there is an increase in supernatural things taking place in the natural, and as such we should be prepared for the days ahead.  


0:00 Introduction

01:49 Troy & His Ministry

02:32 Troy’s Prophetic Message for 2024

04:21 The April’s Eclipse: What You Need to Know

07:05 A Call to Repentance

08:50 Increase in Supernatural Activities

11:50 Conclusion