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In this prophetic update, Joseph Z raises concern about the Facebook glitch, experienced earlier today. Recall that he had earlier warned about more cyber difficulties in his previous broadcast after he had his vision about Las Vegas, where God revealed to Him that, "What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas".

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Also, he raises alarm about AI, which he believes is getting out of control and the developers are too engrossed in creating more programs to notice. He informs us that we’ve gone from a time of grace to a time of mercy, and we’ll witness many do-overs this year and in the coming years. He further reveals that we will witness some difficulties ranging from water crises to cyber issues.

Interestingly, he informs us that a handful of the cyber issues will be blamed on solar flares, which he believes are false flags while insisting that we will witness many solar flare scenarios this season. Again, he discloses that oil will be the answer to economic woes this time, and there will also be a reversal of losses for many people.

He then assures us of a supernatural yoke-bursting anointing upon us, to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. He further alerts us about more difficulties to come but urges us not to be afraid but to stand boldly to intercede for our nation and the world at large.