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On the conversational series today, Joseph Z features Alexander Pagani. Alexander shares his ministry experience with us, revealing how God called him into the deliverance ministry even though he believed that Christians couldn't have demons until God proved him wrong. Joseph goes on to commend Alexander for his great love for people, showing the kind of love that our Lord Jesus showed to people whilst here on earth. 

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Also, Alexander reveals that the ministry of deliverance is a ministry of love and that compassion suffocates the demons; so to say, if we walk in love people get set free. Interestingly, he discovered that some of the people he helps would come for deliverance many times and this led him to research how to completely deliver people. 

He explains that Jesus broke the power of curses and not the presence of it, as such there are Christians who need to be cleansed or delivered from curses. He makes us understand that deliverance is not a religious experience but a legal exchange because the devil is a legalist who meets us at our places of legalism, as such the spirit of religion legalizes things thereby trapping its victims. In addition, he shares what his next project will be, which he reveals will be secrets to maintaining deliverance.


0:00 Introduction

01:03 Deliverance: The Answer to Porn Addiction

02:13 Can a Christian Have a Demon?

04:33 Going the Extra Mile for Deliverance

05:53 Ministry of Deliverance: A Ministry of Love

07:29 Cancelling Assignments on Your Bloodline

08:47 At What Point Do You Get Delivered and Stay Free?

10:40 Does a Born-Again Christian Need Deliverance?

13:11 Deliverance is a Truth Encounter 

13:41 Deliverance is a Legal Exchange

14:54 Conclusion