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Today’s Red Church broadcast began with Heather’s ministration. She makes declarations over our lives while reminding us that walking in the spirit hinders us from fulfilling the lust of the flesh. She also reminds us that, as we turn our eyes to Jesus, the things of this world will grow cold before our eyes because our Lord Jesus takes care of us. Moving on, Joseph shares hilarious encounters with false prophets and the traumatizing feeling he fears this experience will leave on the lives of their victims. 

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Also, Joseph makes us realize that serving God is not about doing what we believe is right at all times, sometimes, it requires us to sit, listen more attentively, and act in obedience to God’s word which may not be in line with what we have already planned. He reveals there’ll be an anointing in media like we’ve never seen before, and we must believe God and allow Him to use us how He deems fit. He further enlightens us about the April 8 Eclipse and its prophetic significance.

In like manner, Joseph reveals that there’s a buoyancy happening economically while disclosing what to expect in the coming quarters of the year. He informs us that we’re in a time of “overtime” which is an extension of God’s mercy, as well as in a time of do-overs. On the heels of this, he assures us that things that have been unjustly taken from us will come back to us. Again, he informs us that America is in a valley of decision, and has been cautioned to repent to repair or go through fire. He also reveals seeing ten cities burning, but regardless of this, he assures us that we’ve got “one more round” because the young lions are coming. 

Additionally, he informs us that if we give up to go up, we will step into a higher level of what God has for us. He further reveals that there’ll be a revival of manhood and that “Generation Alpha” is coming. Heather then takes over, severing the remnant of fear and intimidation against men, while removing the lid that’s been covering people’s economic buoyancy. She further prays for healing over all ailing bodies, declaring wholeness and the peace of Christ upon every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:08 Turn Your Eyes to Jesus

11:27 Do the Difficult for God to Do the Impossible

15:33 God Requires You to Believe Him

18:21 April 8 Eclipse: Prophetic Sign

20:03 The Year in a Clock: What You Need to Know

28:44 What’s Been Stolen Will Be Returned

33:05 Valley of Decision for America

35:06 The Lion, the Bear & Goliath

40:33 Give Up to Go Up!

42:31 Heather’s Healing Ministration

48:14 Conclusion