Bridge Collapse Prophetic Word to AMERICA!!-BREAKING NOW!

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On today’s “Breaking Now”, Joseph Z draws our attention to the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse and the aftermath of the unfortunate event. On March 13, Joseph Z held a live broadcast where he prayed against mass casualties on US soil. Recall that Joseph had earlier prophesied in his past broadcast of October 4, 2021, about ships in the sea, where he hoped and prayed that the ships he saw in his vision were not a Trojan horse for military action. Also, in his broadcast on December 31, 2020, he gave the same prophetic word about sinking ships, explosive sea vessels, fire, and pollution. 

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Again, Joseph believes that this bridge collapse was a tactical move because leadership changed hands immediately after this and the location of this mishap, also depicts a sinister plan to induce goods shortages. Recall also that Joseph has long warned about more cyber hacks and attacks to come. On the heels of this, he believes that this unfortunate event could have been powered by a cyber hack or attack. He further insists that this attack is an assault on the US; revealing also the name of the ship to be “Dali”, which means “drawn up of God or draw towards God”. He interprets this to be a Nineveh moment that requires us to draw up to God.

 What is more, Joseph reveals that these incidents will not only induce shortages but also cause military weakness. He then discloses that we will see more of the word, “Decapolis, more Trojan horse attacks and cyber issues that will be blamed on solar flares; therefore, we must hearken to the call of repentance. In like manner, he reveals there’ll be an uncovering and a plan to usher in more chaos economically, especially in the area of shipping, and airlines. He further exposes that May will be more revealing, and God is calling on America to come back to Him. He then prays for exposure, praying also against any Trojan horse agenda; further reminding us that it is time for us to realize that we’re being struck but we need to turn and be drawn to God. Reassuringly, he declares favor, victory, and the goodness of God over us all in the land of the living.