How to Walk in Faith! w/ Jeremy Pearsons

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“Set a watch over my mouth. May the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth be pleasing to you”.

On today’s episode of our Faith series, Joseph Z and Jeremy Pearsons teach about how to walk in faith. Jeremy begins by referencing the holy Book of Isaiah 43, where God asserts that He is doing a new thing, to remind us that there are things that God’s word requires that we forget and things we’re charged to remember. He brings to our knowledge that it takes faith to forget the old and put the goodness of God into remembrance. 

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Also, he leads us to understand that there are two groups of people in the walk of life, those who receive Christ’s salvation and those who resist it; hence we must choose where we belong, the resisters or the receivers. He makes us realize that the biggest problem in the body of Christ is the dogged determination to correct one another, always looking for faults and something to use to accuse our fellow brethren; while observing that love is absent in the hearts of those who cling to criticisms. 

Again, Jeremy instructs that persecution is the pressure that drives us away from God’s word, and when we pay heed to them, we become like the seeds that fell on the shallow ground in Christ’s parable of the Sower. On the other hand, Joseph makes us realize that judgment is for God and those who judge others are sowing seeds of judgment in their future. Interestingly, Jeremy explains that faith works by love and our faith works when we know how much God loves us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:55 Behold I am Doing a New Thing

04:25 The Resisters & The Receivers

08:28 What’s the Biggest Problem in the Body of Christ?

10:41 The Absence of Love in the Heart of Critics

14:08 The Shallow Converts 

16:38 Judgment Belongs to God

18:28 Faith Works by Love

20:04 Faith Works!

22:06 Conclusion