Leadership Secrets w/ Pastor Bob Yandian!

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“The losses of a winner are only temporary, so are the victories of a loser”.

In the live broadcast today, you’ll learn leadership secrets, as Joseph Z and Pastor Bob Yandian unveil virtues that every believer in Christ must have. Pastor Bob begins by sharing how he left a well-paying job as a shop manager, for a Christian role as a broadcaster which paid less than he earned as a shop manager. This decision led to another important position as a Bible teacher which later led to something bigger when the Lord called him to be a Pastor for his Church which he has pastored for thirty-three years. 

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Moving on, he makes us understand that God puts our lives together when we receive Him, just like Ruth who accepted the Lord, and everything fell into place in her life. He discloses the four principles of leadership; freedom from arrogance, delegation, conquering the temper, and being a visible example for those following us. He explains that arrogance is exaggerated self-esteem and puts a person in competition with everyone else; a person with arrogance is never happy because they’re condescending to those who seem to be lower and jealous of those who seem to be better. 

In like manner, Pastor Bob brings to our understanding that humility means acknowledging that everything we have comes from God, we may have nice things but we have the wisdom that everything we have comes from Jesus. He also points out delegation as an important factor in leadership because we don’t lose, but gain when we delegate. He further clarifies that if we learn to bow and respect a human full of errors and mistakes, we can bow to our Lord Jesus Christ; for leadership, is to see Jesus in others. 

Furthermore, Pastor Bob outlines how we can overcome arrogance, revealing that all arrogant people believe they’re self-made. Therefore, learning to respect those around us, and having great respect for God is a good way to rid arrogance in our lives. He prays that we walk humbly before God and in peace with those around us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:13 Pastor Bob’s Call to Ministry

04:33 Loaded Dice in Your Favour

05:55 Leadership Secrets

09:12 Arrogance: Meaning 

10:33 Humility: What You Need to Know

13:30 Promotion by Delegation

17:06 What is Leadership? 

19:17 How to be Delivered of Arrogance

22:17 Prayer: Conclusion