Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Pastor Bob Yandian!

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“Follow me as I follow Christ”

Our leadership secrets continue in today’s live broadcast, as Joseph Z and Pastor Bob Yandian expose more interesting virtues to imbibe about great leadership. Pastor Bob shares some lessons learned from other leaders, revealing that most leaders he has come across are not in service for themselves but for others. He also discloses that there’s no such thing as a self-made person, and reading books by prominent men of God helped him absorb certain leadership qualities. He also shares how his parents were converted and how their guidance helped him embrace the life of Christ.

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Also, Pastor Bob instructs that good leaders teach us what to do while bad ones teach us things to avoid; therefore we’re to follow the steps of good leaders and desist from the path of bad leaders. He went on to share that we should choose to learn from a leader at every opportunity we get, even people we do not like. He further discloses the lessons from the leader he served under, revealing that if everyone in the body of Christ finds out where they’re supposed to be and accepts it, no force on earth can stop the body of Christ. 

In addition, he discloses how he was imparted by the leader he served while praying that all who thirst for impartation receive it by the spirit of God. He then urges us to see David as an example because he was a leader who was humble enough to repent of his sins every time he sinned against God. 


0:00 Introduction

01:33 Lessons from Other Leaders

08:15 Following Good Examples of Leadership 

10:34 How to Receive from a Leader

15:19 A Teacher & an Evangelist: What You Need to Know

16:34 Pastor Bob’s Greatest Impartation

19:00 Prayer: Conclusion