How to Live According to the Spirit w/ Pastor Bob Yandian!

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“Blessed is the nation whose god is the Lord”.

Learn how to live according to the Holy Spirit in today’s live broadcast, as Joseph Z and Pastor Bob Yandian provide insights into living in a chaotic world. Pastor Bob instructs that we need a natural and spiritual change; calling us to remember that we did not put our nation together, but God did, and He used men who made themselves available to achieve this. On the heels of this, we need men who value morals and are ready to make sacrifices for change to put our nations in order. He makes us understand that nothing is wrong with Christian nationalism because God wanted it that way until the incident with the Tower of Babel happened that led to division. However, respect should be accorded to the different nations of this world because God designed it to be so. Unfortunately, the enemy infiltrated God’s plan to attack other countries because of love for money. 

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Pastor Bob also reveals that world peace is possible but it will take our Lord Jesus Christ to achieve it; in the meantime, we won't have it and must guard ourselves with weapons of defense against confrontation. He further explains that until Jesus comes, there will be wars and rumors of wars until Jesus comes because He is the only one who can put an end to them. Interestingly, he discloses there’s a proper way to separate Church and State because we wouldn't want a state run without God; therefore it’s ideal for the church and state to work together with good people running the nation. He insists that we need moral people in government, to strive for unity and for the proper things to be done. 

Further, he discloses that the church can respond to global tyranny by getting Christians involved in warfare, and for more Christians to understand the bible in the military. On the other hand, Joseph observes that the church’s silence over the UFO and strange occurrences may be leading to the increase of demonic activities in our physical world. He also discloses that humans are not destined to live in heaven forever, because we’re terrestrial beings and God made us with the special purpose of living on earth. In addition, Pastor Bob prays that we rest on the peace of God that passes all understanding, rising above fear in this world filled with so many fearful events. 


0:00 Introduction

02:02 Blessed is the Nation whose god is the Lord

05:38 Christian Nationalism: What You Need to Know

08:38 Why Immoral Nations Attack Other Nations

09:14 Is World Peace Possible?

11:14 Separation of Church and State

13:36 How Should the Church Respond to Global Tyranny?

18:30 The Church’s Responsibility

19:49 Are We Destined to Live in Heaven?

23:55 Prayer: Conclusion