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Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to the happenings around us, ranging from the new WHO treaty, the rumored resignation of the WEF president, and prophecy about a great day coming. He begins by disclosing WHO’s pandemic treaty negotiations aimed at making all countries worldwide better prepared for, and able to effectively and equitably respond to future pandemics. What’s interesting is their ambitious quest for sovereignty and reluctance to acknowledge the areas where they’ve failed, as Joseph points out. We also see that the WEF president, Klaus Schwab will be stepping down come 2025.

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Interestingly, Joseph informs us that Bill Gates has been a mosquito farmer since 2011, and one would wonder why a mosquito farm is a lucrative business to venture into when all a mosquito can give one is sickness and diseases. On the other hand, he reminds us about his vision of downtime for the US and the nations, alongside a storm with a shelter in the middle where everyone who ran to it was safe. Also, he brings to our understanding that, the recent happening with the WEF is a good sign and shows that they are failing in their evil global agenda.

Once more, Joseph reveals seeing a great day coming which may be in a year, five, or ten years to come. He warns there’ll be more manifestation by permission, in weather, global crisis, solar, and worldwide induced Geostorm. He further reveals there’ll be a manifestation of things never seen before this year in cultural change and lockdown. Regardless, he assures us that the faith of the righteous can push most of these happenings back.

Further, he informs us that we’re coming into a valley of decision, and there will be a great deception with AI that will be used to make false discoveries and debunk conventional history specifically in the area of religion. He then assures us there’s hope in the middle of all these difficulties and we will begin to see the resilience of the church and the coming of another round. However, he warns there will be a loss of life, power, and a massive air force movement with a necessary follow-up.


0:00 Introduction

07:08 The WHO’s Draft Treaty

17:24 WEF: Klaus Schwab Stepping Down?

18:45 Bill Gates: A Mosquito Farmer?

19:21 Clip of Gate’s Mosquito Farm

21:50 The Jesus Dress met with Rejections

24:55 America & the Nations: Prophetic Timeline

28:28 A Great Day Coming

30:21 More Manifestation by Permission

33:57 Cultural Change & Lockdowns

36:09 The Valley of Decision

39:21 Conclusion