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In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z releases some major prophecies about the nation and the coming international conflicts. He discloses that there will be actions in the military, air force, and global space we will be drawn to, even though we have no desire to get involved. He also reveals that the spirit of Ahab is complaining to Jezebel about Naboth’s vineyard at the moment. He interprets this prophetic revelation as a signature being prepared to authorize the action, to take Naboth’s vineyard on a geopolitical scale. 

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Joseph also reveals visions of booths on the ground, intense air activity, and oceanic positioning geared at starting a war of distraction and smoke. Unfortunately, he warns that our nation is asleep and unaware that our resources are used as a tax farm to grease the wheels of the Jezebel operation, preparing to come to the forefront due to a normalcy bias. He further reveals that there will be strategic resignations, as new characters will enter the political stage for a proposition to take leadership from those in power. Some will even lose their lives in the process.

Interestingly, Joseph discloses that we’re going into a time of rearranged power, and those who stand in faith will begin to get answers, but at a great cost. He also predicts that the economy will take a nosedive but oil will be a saving grace. Additionally, he foresees a massive deportation of illegal immigrants over the next two years driven by political motives. Reassuringly, he discloses there will be an anointing on this nation to reverse the legislative decisions at an unprecedented level which will be a salvation step for the nation, particularly in land ownership and the rebuilding of defenses. 

Furthermore, he insists that the coming upheaval is redemptive rather than final, as God has appointed reformers who will intercede and fight back. He then references the Book of 1 Timothy 1:18-20 to remind us to remember God’s promises during this time because he will cause us to outrun our enemies in the rain. 


0:00 Introduction

03:32 Military, Airforce & Global Events

04:36 Ahab & His Demonic Covetuosness

07:30 Strategic Resignations

07:58 Time of Rearranged Power: Events of the Next Two Years

11:07 A Salvation Step for the Nation

13:32 Disappointments & Redemptive Moments

14:29 The Plans of Evil Will Not Prevail 

15:02 1 Timothy 1:18-20

24:09 A Tour of Our World Broadcast Center: Conclusion