God Wants you to OVERCOME IT ALL!

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“Jesus loves you and wants you to overcome it all.”

Heather Z takes us through today’s live broadcast, teaching the importance of diligently keeping our hearts. She begins with Proverbs 4:23, which instructs us to guard our hearts with all diligence, as from it spring the issues of life. She explains that the Lord created us for a purpose, and we must be intentional with our minds and emotions to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. She also emphasizes that while we will inevitably face offense, we must identify the root issue and choose to be free from the pain it causes.

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Heather continues by guiding us on overcoming offense, revealing that confessing forgiveness for those who have wronged us is a crucial step toward gaining freedom from pain. Although healing takes time, asking God for help in dealing with our pain is the best way to heal. She also highlights that consistently reading God’s word is vital for keeping our hearts with all diligence and that training our senses can aid in healing our emotions.

Moreover, Heather explains that we can use God’s word to combat life’s challenges, as demonstrated by Jesus during His temptation when He overcame the devil with the Scripture. She warns that the devil often attacks us at our weakest moments, even after previous victories, but we must continuously overcome him with God’s word. She further references Hebrews 12:14 to remind us to pursue peace in all circumstances and avoid returning to people or things that hurt us.

Furthermore, she instructs that those who do not pursue peace will not see the Lord, as offense and unforgiveness block God’s blessings and presence in our lives. She urges us to remove the fear imposed by traumatic experiences and to hold onto God for deliverance. She concludes by praying that our hearts, minds, emotions, and physical bodies respond to the power of Jesus's blood.


0:00 Introduction

04:32 Proverbs 4:23: Keep Yur Heart With Diligence

06:34 How to Guard Your Heart with Diligence

11:28 Working Through Your Emotions

19:18 The Power of God’s Help in Forgiveness

21:55 What to do To Keep Your Heart with Diligence

24:38 Attaining Healing in Your Emotions

28:55 The Devil’s Secret Approach

31:08 Hebrews 12:14: Pursue Peace

44:00 Prayer: Conclusion