NO LIMITS!— Demystifying the Prophetic Discussion UPDATE FROM THE 40 day Journey!

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Today on the No Limits Q&A session, Joseph Z addresses some topics from his recently published book, “Demystifying the Prophetic”, alongside an update from his 40-day journey. Allison shares the activities that resonate with her mostly during the 40-day trip, reminiscing on the experiences and how they impacted her spiritually. Interestingly, Joseph shares the incident that led to the arrest of John, resulting in his exile to Patmos where he had a visitation from the Lord that inspired the Book of Revelation. 

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Next, Joseph shares the wisdom he gained from his journey, revealing that our time here on earth is short, and one day we will be forgotten but if we utilize our time well, our works will stand the test of time just like the monuments they saw on their journey. He further reveals the emotional moments at Noah’s Ark, remembering God’s promise to Himself and man, that He would not destroy the world with a flood again. He also discloses his experience at the Euphrates River while responding to questions from his recently published book, “Demystifying the Prophetic”.  

Additionally, Joseph explains the difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet; revealing that the responsibility attached to the office of the Prophetic makes the difference. They conclude with a prayer, declaring joy over our hearts while praying against lack and speaking life over finances and relationships. Once more, Joseph explains the mystery of sowing and reaping, revealing that sowing with intention, creates a deluge for us. 


0:00 Introduction

03:19 Significant Moments on the 40-day Journey

08:47 Where did John Write the Book of Revelation?

13:37 Prophetic Moments during the 40-Day Trip

20:17 Emotional Moments on the 40-Day Journey

26:45 Noah’s Ark: Prophetic Sign at the Place of Sacrifice

39:06 Office of the Prophet & the Gifts of Prophecy

47:00 Testimonies!

56:54 Understanding Sowing & Reaping: Conclusion