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“Even when trouble comes, if we hold onto God’s hand, He will walk us through it.”

It’s an interesting session today in Red Church, as Heather Z shares her near-death experience after sustaining a neck-snap injury during a gymnastic move. She reveals how her spirit left her body and found herself in a foreign place with the faces of people she knows alongside a field of golden grass that attracted her attention, to the point that she found herself in that field immediately at the speed of thought. She also explains how the big hand of God covered the sky, while she suddenly found herself in those hands, communicating with God through thoughts. 

Next, Heather shares God’s message to her, and how He informed her that He created her for assignments on earth, causing her to have a sense of family at the tender age of twelve. She recalls that she wasn't eager to come back to life but God urged her on and she found herself on the hospital bed once again. However, Joni points out that if we could hold onto God's hand every time we find ourselves in trouble, we can be sure that God will walk us through it. What’s more, Heather shares the few ways the enemy tried to derail her from God’s call just as he would try with every other chosen one of God. 

Also, she reveals how she wasn't able to share the ugly experience she had at that time while urging any one of us going through that kind of traumatic experience to open up to our loved ones and not hide behind the shame the devil uses to shut his victims out of the world. Heather reminds us that we’re in a fallen world and we must remember that Jesus is with us always; urging us to have a revelation of Jesus which reminds us continually how much love Christ has for us. Interestingly, she shares her pregnancy journey experience, how her child died in her womb but was restored to life after Joseph made declarations over her. 

More interestingly, Heather shares the struggles she experienced with her second child who developed autism at the very tender age of three. However, there was a turn of events as God used that situation to make Himself manifest every day in their lives, and today; he is very active and creative, shouldering many responsibilities as God has designed it. In conclusion, Heather prays for everyone, declaring that every cell in our body responds to the Blood of Jesus; further declaring healing and wholeness over our body.  


0:00 Introduction

01:16 What Led to Heather’s Near-Death Experience

04:40 The Giant Hand of God

07:44 Hold Unto God’s Hands

08:10 The Enemies Fight Against the Chosen Ones

11:08 Handling Traumatic Situations

13:52 Heather’s Miraculous Pregnancy Journey

16:25 More of the Devil’s Arrows

20:16 Prayer: Conclusion