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God Saved America!

In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z shares some prophetic insights in the just concluded UFC 302 match. He marvels at how Kevin Holland emerged as a winner after being knocked down and tightly cornered with no way of escape; only to maneuver his way to emerge as the attacker that led to him winning the match. Regarding this, Joseph reveals that although this man was knocked to the ground, there was a comeback, and on the heels of this, all the attacks on this nation will turn into a comeback. He insists that victory will come to those who stand against the injustice in the land. 

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Next, Joseph reveals that a flood is coming that will wash away the assault on this generation while exposing what to expect in 2025 and the years after it. Regardless, he assures us of a restoration that will come at a great cost alongside a season of prolonged mercy because a flood is coming that will wash away the filth and unrighteousness that abounds in the land.  Interestingly, we see a rare tidal wave in the sky in the semblance of Joseph’s prophetic wave of cleansing. He further discloses that this wave represents a redemptive instability, where the Lord will bring rightsizing and justice to the land. 

Again, Joseph recounts his live broadcast of August 23, 2020, where he revealed that a shepherd would be struck to scatter the sheep, but it will turn into a roar. He further discloses seeing a newspaper headline that reads, “God saved America” while insisting there will be a redemptive instability. Once more, he reveals that Trump’s case will be a “Nelson Mandela” scenario, while also alerting us about a NATO tactical nuke threat that will be in conversations in a few years. 

Furthermore, he prays against a red October, while informing us that everything that God does is for redemption and not for destruction; for God is slow in anger but abundant in mercy. He urges us to watch out for July's sentencing and August's new character. He then reassures us that God will neither leave nor forsake us; although there will be a lot of losses, in the end, we will stand as one nation. He then prays for strength and horsepower over every one of us while speaking boldness upon us in readiness for another round. 


0:00 Introduction

04:55 The UFC 302 Match: Prophetic Insight

08:14 The Major Atack will be a ComeBack

13:37 A Coming Flood: What You Need to Know

14:41 Restoration & Season of Prolonged Mercy

16:38 The Rare Sky Wave & Joseph’s Prophetic Warning

18:59 Redemptive Instability: What You Need to Know

20:20 The Struck Shepherd: Joseph’s Past Prophecy

26:47 God Saved America: The New America

29:15 Trump & The Nelson Mandela Scenario

35:34 July Sentencing & August New Character

40:37 Conclusion