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“She looks to the future and laughs because God is her source”. Let not your hearts be troubled! 

Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z warns about solar activities that will be used to push an agenda. He shares a clip detailing the condition of the power grid, as the present administration has just recently taken a step that will facilitate its total collapse. Also, with the power grid issues, comes another narrative with solar flares and geostorms, which he believes will increase in conjunction with the power grid narrative to arrive at an ultimate goal. 

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Next, He Joseph shares a live world map with an unexplainable surge of power while urging us to pray for the nation and all the people impacted by all the nefarious acts being perpetrated all over the globe. Moreover, he references the Book of Luke 21:25-26 to remind us about God’s warning regarding signs in the sun, moon, and stars alongside distress of nations which will make the hearts of men fail them from fear and the expectations of those things which are coming down on the earth. 

Regardless of all that is to come, Joseph reassures us with God’s word from the Book of John 14:1, which charges us to let not our hearts be troubled, for if we believe in God, we should also believe in Christ His son. Interestingly, he alerts us about a strange storm that occurred in Mexico, which he believes was induced by weather manipulation. In conclusion, Allison prays for everyone, that God will cast away fear in our hearts while declaring strength in our body and soul. 


0:00 Introduction

03:49 The Power Grid: What You Need to Know

05:52 Solar Issues & Geostorms

06:53 A Recent Sun Activity

10:04 Weather Manipulation: What You Need to Know

13:10 Luke 21:25-26: Men’s Heart Will Fell Them

16:06 John 14:1: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

19:23 The Strange Storm in Mexico

24:43 Prayer: Conclusion