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“If you know how good it is on the other side of your mountain, you’ll move it”.

Today in the Q&A No Limits session, Joseph Z and his team teach how to overcome fear, evil thoughts, and the benefits of going through trials. Heather begins by revealing ways to overcome fear, teaching that we must learn to get hold of our heart, take a moment, identify the fear, and confront it by speaking in tongues. Allison also urges us to confront our fears by reminding ourselves of who we are in Christ Jesus and what his words say about our situation. 

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Next, they reminisce on the healing miracles they have recorded in the lives of their followers and within the family and team. Also, Heather teaches how to overcome evil thoughts through resistance, speaking out loudly to confront the thought and resisting the urge to entertain it. On the other hand, Joseph makes us understand that the Lord may leave us longer in a certain difficulty until we’ve learned what He expects us to learn from that situation. 

Furthermore, Heather outlines the rewards we get from trials, and how they help us become more compassionate towards others, having so much understanding for their situation without judging while being moved to assist them in any way possible. They conclude with a prayer, declaring the joy of the Lord over every household while confronting fear and unbelief in Jesus' name. 


0:00 Introduction

18:27 How to Overcome and Conquer Fear

32:04 God Rewards Your Faithfulness in Little

34:23 Overcoming Tormenting Thoughts

54:33 The Lord allows Longer Difficulties for a Reason

57:49 Benefits of Going Through Trials

1:27:40 Prayer: Conclusion