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“All things work together for the good of those who fear the Lord”.

On today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to break ourselves from mind control. He shares clips of disastrous weather scenarios which he attributes to a form of religion and intense weather manipulation geared towards meeting a desired goal. He also brings our attention to the HAARP research program, a High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program that researches the ionosphere, the highest ionized part of Earth's atmosphere. The utmost goal of this research is to use natural disasters as weapons of war. We will also learn that this program can be used for mind control, making people into biological robots. 

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Next, Joseph brings our attention to Australian man-made clouds, used to cool the ocean. Recall that Joseph had warned in his past broadcasts that there would be intense weather manipulation as we approach the coming season, especially during the election period. He suspects weather manipulation will be used to create chaos, thereby controlling the election outcome. However, he revisits his vision of a tidal wave arc which he believes represents instability in weather and nature; further insisting that this also signifies a washing away through instability. 

Additionally, he reveals we will witness more weather issues involving lightning, wild winds, hurricanes, and tsunamis in areas that have never been hit before. He also discloses that we will witness more solar and geo storms, satellite hacking, and intentional worldwide cyber breaches. He references the Book of Matthew 24:3-4 to remind us of Christ’s warning about the last days and the events that will prove that the end is near. Nonetheless, he assures us that God is with us despite all that is happening worldwide.


03:34 Disastrous Weather: What You Need to Know

06:18 HAARP: What You Need to Know

09:00 HAARP: A Tool for Mind Control?

11:31 Man-made Clouds: What You Need to Know

17:15 The Tidal Wave Arc: A Form of Instability

19:44 Redemptive Instability

21:43 Solar and Geo Storms: Solar Flares

23:58 Satellites Hacking

28:21 Mathew 24:3-4: Warning about End Time

33:27 Prayer: Conclusion