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God’s plan for the future of America is redemption!

Learn about America’s future in this prophetic broadcast, as Joseph and Heather Z share their 40-day prophetic journey to Noah’s Ark and its relation to the future of America. Joseph shares a clip of the April 8, 2024, Eclipse which marked the beginning of their prophetic 40-day journey. He also shares a clip of John the Revelator’s home, where he wrote all three Books 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, alongside the Book of Revelation. Next, we see the Church of Progomom and Hierapolis where Philip the evangelist was murdered alongside his daughter, all for Jesus’ sake. Moving on, we see the headwaters of the river Euphrates and Joseph shares some prophetic insights into its sudden dry-up just as the Book of Revelation warned. We also see the ruins of Noah’s home and the stones that guided Noah’s Ark.

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Going forward, Joseph shares Noah’s Ark's location, revealing that this ark is a prophetic sign for the church. A thermal scan of this location reveals man-made structures, the deck spaces, and structures of the Ark. Interestingly, Rick Renner provides biblical insights that lay credence to the authenticity of this location where Noah’s Ark landed while outlining the points in this area that correlate with Biblical facts. Again, we see Noah’s altar, where he first made sacrifices to God after the Ark landed. On the heels of this, Joseph reveals that the Lord is hiding his Isacchar sons and daughters in the cleft of the rock during the shaking of America, just as he hid John during all the turmoil in his time. 

Furthermore, Joseph insists that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. He also shares his vision for 2025, revealing that it will be a year of redemptive instability while reminding us of his vision for 2024; the Roar, the War, and More. He discloses that the “attack will turn into a comeback” while revealing that we’re in a time of flames, but we will come out on the other side. On the other hand, he revisits the year’s prophetic timeline, reminding us to pray against a Red October and a dark November while assuring us of God’s promise of rain if we do not relent in prayer and intercession. 

Additionally, Joseph assures us that it’s not the end yet, even though there will be more chaos, and challenges because God has promised to save America. He reveals that God will frustrate the furious and ungodly but will preserve the righteous, and Noah’s Ark is a sign and wonder unto our time. He explains that God uses this prophetic visit to Noah’s location to reinstate his preservation covenant with this nation. However, Heather urges us to ask God in prayer, what our role is in this time, and participate fully in saving the people for God’s kingdom. She concludes with a prayer, assuring us of God’s preservation for us and our various families.


0:00 Introduction

13:24 April 8, 2024: Eclipse Day in Texas & Beginning of the 40-Day Journey

14:58 John the Revelator’s Abode

28:04 The 40-Day Prophetic Journey: The Russia Experience

31:40 The 40-Day Prophetic Journey: The Turkey Experience

33:00 Headwaters of River Euphrates & Noah’s Home

41:54 The Location of Noah’s Ark

52:55 Scene of Noah’s Altar

1:05:17 War in the Heavenlies

1:10:36 Timeline of the Year: A New America

1:16:39 The Future of America

1:30:16 Prayer: Conclusion