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“God will frustrate the furious but will preserve the righteous”.

In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z shares prophetic insights into the April 8 Eclipse which marked the beginning of his 40-day journey while revealing the prophetic message disclosed to him by God during this 40-day journey. He informs us there’s war in the heavenly, over many nations, and that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. He also shares a prophecy for 2025, revealing that it will be a year of redemptive instability while reminding us of his vision for 2024; the Roar, the War, and More. He explains that “More” is about provision and God’s promise to take us through difficult times. 

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Next, Joseph discloses that the “attack will turn into a comeback” while revealing that we’re in a time of flames, but we will come out on the other side. On the other hand, he revisits the year’s prophetic timeline, reminding us to pray against a Red October and a dark November while assuring us of God’s promise of rain if we do not relent in prayer and intercession. He assures us that a miracle is happening for America, for God does not wish that anyone should perish but be redeemed by His grace. He also reveals that an attack will turn into a comeback in the judicial system because it's a time of cleansing and rightsizing.

Joseph further revisits his vision, where he finds himself in an Arena at the exit of the Manchurian candidate who immediately notices his presence and starts fighting him verbally. Joseph responds, saying, “I have to do what needs to be done, you're out, and we’re in”. On the heels of this, he insists we have one more round, and it’s not the end yet for America. Although there will be collisions, times of shaking, and great difficulties, the Lord assures us that the action begins now and that America will be saved at a great cost. Additionally, he reveals that civil war will rise and be pushed as a mechanism, but it will be struck down because of the rightsizing of God. 


0:00 Introduction

09:04 War in the Heavenlies

10:56 2025: A Year of Fire & Redemptive Instability

12:58 A Time of Fire & Flames

14:20 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline

20:49 The Future of America

34:12 Prayer: Conclusion