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In today’s prophetic broadcast, we’ll learn that the US government has deployed US warships to monitor Russian fleets at sea, as more Russian fleets, including the Nuclear Sub, are spotted in Cuba. Recall that Joseph had earlier warned in past broadcasts, particularly the one aired on July 19, 2023, that there would be circumstances with the ocean, boats, and sea-bearing vessels, revealing that we will begin to see war games break out in oceans which may lead to conflict. Going forward, he informs us that the Lord is hiding his Isachar sons and daughters in the cleft of a rock, just as he hid his servant John amidst all the cultural and political madness in his time. 

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Next, Joseph reveals there’s war in the heavenlies over the US and many nations while revealing prophetic insights into the coming year, 2025. He discloses that 2025 will be a year of redemptive instability while reminding us of his prophecy for 2024, which is the War, the Roar, and More. He discloses that the “attack will turn into a comeback” while revealing that we’re in a time of flames, but we will come out on the other side. On the other hand, he revisits the year’s prophetic timeline, reminding us to pray against a Red October and a dark November while assuring us of God’s promise of rain if we do not relent in prayer and intercession. 

Moreover, Joseph assures us that it’s not the end yet, even though there will be more chaos, and challenges because God has promised to save America. He reveals that God will frustrate the furious and ungodly but will preserve the righteous, and Noah’s Ark is a sign and wonder unto our time. He explains that God uses this prophetic visit to Noah’s location to reinstate his Covenant of Preservation with this nation. In addition, Heather urges us to ask God in prayer, what our role is in this time, and participate fully in saving the people for God’s kingdom. She concludes with a prayer, assuring us of God’s preservation for us and our various families. 


0:00 Introduction

01:09 Russian Navy Ships in Cuba?

02:15 Joseph’s Past Prophecy: Ocean Activities

07:40 War in the Heavenlies

09:38 2025: A Year of Redemptive Instability

11:06 Attacks Turning into a Comeback

13:01 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline

16:17 Overturned & Thrown Out

19:28 The Future of America

22:03 Noah’s Ark: A Sign & Wonder 

25:38 Get Involved!

30:45 Prayer: Conclusion