The Spirit Showed this about AMERICA’S FUTURE!

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“Before Abraham was, I am”

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z provides some prophetic insights into the April eclipse and his 40-day prophetic journey, which began on April 8, 2024. He revisits his vision where God commanded him to “Come up higher” while reminding us of how religion gave Jesus the hardest time because the religious leaders at that time were hard of hearing and never believed there would be another, greater than Abraham. However, Christ responds to their doubts saying, “Before Abraham, I am”. 

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Next, Joseph shares his visit to Noah’s ark, reminding us of how God made a covenant with Noah, that he would not destroy the world with a flood again. This covenant was sealed with a rainbow after Noah’s first sacrifice to God at the end of the flood. He explains that the flood and the ark situation was a redemptive instability.  On the heels of this, he assures us of the Lord’s promise to rescue America, thus, we will begin to see a redemptive instability just like Noah’s scenario. 

Joseph further reveals the location of John’s home, his impact on prisoners' lives, and where he wrote all three Books of John, including the Book of Revelation. In addition, he assures us that God will rescue this nation and we must keep praying until the bad leaders step down to make way for God-ordained leaders. 


0:00 Introduction

05:21 April Solar Eclipse: Sign of Redemption

12:24 The Rainbow: God’s Promise to Himself

13:19 Redemptive Instability 

16:55 The Temple of Diana & the Abode of John 

23:13 God Saved America!

23:43 Conclusion