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Discover the prophecy for the next two years in today’s broadcast, as Joseph Z revisits what God showed him for the coming years. He informs us that God will save America even though we’ll go through profound difficulties, and there will be supernatural provisions for all those who fear God. Also, he reveals that AI will not have its way while the Church is here. Again, he informs us that the central bank digital currency and the BRICS nation will not have their plans go as expected. 

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Moving on, Joseph informs us that new characters will be introduced in the political arena, particularly in Chicago. He urges us to pray against a red October and a dark November while revealing that 2025 will be a year of tumult, fire, and money talks leading to another year. However, he discloses that oil will remedy the economic situation in the nation while informing us that God hasn’t responded to our prayers for justice because of His mercy. 

Joseph further insists that it will take redemptive instability to make things better. He also brings to our understanding that, the best way for God to engage in what we do is to find something that enriches God’s kingdom, which is going after His lost creations. Allison then concludes with a prayer, declaring God’s peace and strength over everyone while also rebuking tormenting thoughts that occupy our hearts, ruining our peace. 


0:00 Introduction

01:26 God Will Save America!

05:05 Artificial Intelligence Will Not Get Its Way

06:27 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline

13:19 Redemptive Instability

17:18 God’s Love for Russia

18:05 Prayer: Conclusion